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Acetate sunglasses

In the face of escalating climate change and intensifying solar exposure, sunglasses have become an indispensable asset. They are not just fashion accessories anymore. Modern iterations like acetate sunglasses serve a dual purpose—they protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation, mitigating the risk of ocular diseases, while simultaneously ensuring we remain at the forefront of style and sophistication.

Acetate sunglasses: The perfect sustainable material

The selection of materials plays a fundamental role in determining the comfort and durability of sunglasses and their impact on our environment. 

Christopher Cloos sets a new standard for eyewear, leveraging the properties of Italian acetate in their designs. This material is hailed for its outstanding strength, featherweight characteristics, and non-allergenic qualities.

Acetate is biodegradable, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics.

When you choose acetate sunglasses, you are making a statement that transcends personal style. 

This harmonious blend of sustainability and sophistication is what sets Christopher Cloos's acetate frame sunglasses apart.

So whether you're in the market for men's acetate sunglasses, women's acetate sunglasses or round acetate sunglasses, or any other style, Christopher Cloos's collection offers eyewear that does not compromise on comfort, durability, or style. 

Product details unveiled

Christopher Cloos's acetate sunglasses radiate an ageless charm. This is evident in the diverse range of vintage-inspired frames on offer. 

Models like Paloma, Mala, Passable, St. Barths, Pampelonne, and Larvotto are the epitome of this blend of the old and new.  Each one uniquely encapsulates the essence of the Christopher Cloos brand, manifesting their commitment to delivering an eyewear experience that is as luxurious as it is comfortable.

The Paloma, for instance, draws inspiration from the French Riviera, exuding a sophisticated, retro aesthetic, while the Mala seamlessly combines a classic design with a modern twist. On the other hand, the Passable model offers an elegant and timeless round design that serves as the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Each model is available in an array of colors such as bourbon, champagne, espresso, and rose, providing ample opportunity for personal expression. The beautiful hues allow the wearer to choose a pair of round sunglasses that genuinely reflects their personality and style.

The sunglasses are equipped with polarized CR39 lenses, a feature that enhances visual clarity and reduces eye strain. These lenses offer excellent protection from harmful UV rays, making the sunglasses a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Christopher Cloos is a master of balancing classic and modern aesthetics in acetate sunglasses. 

Shop easy with Christopher Cloos

Christopher Cloos not only provides exquisite eyewear but also ensures that your shopping experience is as seamless and satisfying as the products themselves.

The process is straightforward- once you’ve chosen a preferred model- be it Paloma, Mala, Passable, St. Barths, Pampelonne or Larvotto you’ll be delighted to know that with each purchase you will also receive a sturdy case to protect your eyewear and cleaning cloth. 

These accessories ensure you can keep your acetate sunglasses in pristine condition, extending their lifespan and maintaining their impeccable look.

Christopher Cloos offers free shipping on all orders. The brand firmly believes that the luxury experience should not be marred by additional shipping costs. They stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of their products with a 100- day free return policy on all items.

Shopping at Christopher Cloos is more than just buying a pair of sunglasses- it’s embracing a lifestyle of elegance.


What are acetate sunglasses?

Acetate sunglasses are eyewear made from cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. This material is flexible yet durable, leading to comfortable and long-lasting eyewear. 

How can I adjust acetate sunglasses to fit my face?

Acetate sunglasses can be adjusted to achieve a perfect fit. First, heat the ends of the sunglasses arms for about 30 seconds using a hairdryer set on low. Once the acetate is slightly warm and flexible, you can gently bend the arms to adjust their shape. Do this gradually to avoid cracking or damaging the frame.