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Round sunglasses

We seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. We acknowledge our roots in the past while remaining relentlessly forward-looking. Each product that leaves our hands embodies this attitude, resulting in a portfolio that's as enduring as it is stylish. 

Here you can experience the effortless blend of vintage charm and contemporary innovation with sunglasses from Christopher Cloos. This collection of designer round sunglasses adds a fresh, unique twist to your style, effortlessly enhancing your fashion sense while ensuring the utmost in comfort and durability. Explore our comprehensive range of offerings.

Embracing retro allure and modern minimalism

Now let's delve into the world of round sunglasses, an exquisite element of Christopher Cloos' range. Far from the ordinary, they present a marriage of retro allure and modern minimalism, like the lovely Paloma Champagne, bringing together the best of both worlds. The round sunglasses for men and women are not only fashion-forward but also practical and resilient.

The craftsmanship behind Christopher Cloos sunglasses

Christopher Cloos round sunglasses are crafted meticulously, ensuring they're more than just an accessory. Their clear and dark frames breathe new life into the classic round style, offering a distinctive design for the modern, fashion-savvy individual. 

As you don our round sunglasses, take note of their distinct, unisex appeal. These frames, brimming with a vintage aesthetic, are designed to complement various outfits and occasions. No matter where your day takes you, Christopher Cloos' vintage round frames will carry your style effortlessly.

The Charm of designer round frame sunglasses

The beauty of Christopher Cloos' round sunglasses with clear frames is their versatile appeal. They're not bound by age, gender, or fashion preference, making them a fashionable accessory for anyone. 

These glasses are an impeccable choice for the modern professional seeking a hint of sophistication, the trendy influencer desiring a standout accessory, or the vintage lover seeking a touch of nostalgia. Round sunglasses pair well with both bold and minimalist styles, ensuring that whether your look is street style chic, elegantly bohemian, or effortlessly casual, these frames will enhance your unique fashion sense.

With a nod to the classics, the clear frame round sunglasses, in a more neutral tone like Paloma On The Rocks, pay homage to timeless eyewear designs. However, they are far from outdated. The transparent frame adds a modern, sophisticated touch, making these glasses equally at home in a casual outdoor setting or at an upscale event.

In a world where fashion trends come and go, Christopher Cloos round sunglasses stand out with their enduring appeal. Their clear, tortoiseshell, or dark frame design showcases a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles, making them a staple accessory in any fashion enthusiast's collection.

The Christopher Cloos advantage

This commitment to style, durability, and superior materials is what sets Christopher Cloos apart in the world of eyewear. Whether you're searching for the perfect pair of minimalistic sunglasses or round sunglasses, the brand has something to offer. And the round sunglasses range, with its captivating charm and resolute durability, promises to be a game-changer in your style narrative. 

They echo the past, yet look towards the future, offering a unique accessory that truly transcends time. Discover the magic of these vintage round sunglasses and redefine your style with Christopher Cloos today.

Why should I choose round sunglasses?

Round sunglasses are a timeless choice, offering a balance of retro and modern aesthetics. They work well with various face shapes, particularly square and oval faces, softening angles and creating a balanced look. Moreover, they are available in a variety of designs, materials, and lens options, ensuring there's a pair for every style and preference.

Are round sunglasses suitable for all face shapes?

While round sunglasses tend to complement square and oval face shapes best, the key is finding the right size and style. Oversized round sunglasses can balance larger facial features, while smaller frames can flatter smaller faces.